Cadre Services & Solutions

Commercial Exterior landscape maintenance

Commercial-Exterior-landscape-maintenanceCadre specializes in large commercial Class A properties, portfolios, Office parks and corporate campuses. Helping Building Owners, Managers and Directors manage the annual Landscape Budget and planning for the next few years by creating a master-plan for upgrades, plant development, Budget reductions and alternative ways to save resources, expenses and labor.

Green Services

Cadre Landscape Inc. is a real green company, when requested we provide landscape maintenance services using solely mechanical devices, no gas-powered equipment, no blowers, no harmful fumes and noisy equipment! Even sweeping is done with man-powered vacuums and sweepers. we recycle all our grass-clippings by using mulching mowers which return the Nitrogen back to the soil, using less or no fertilizer. we recycle all coffee-grounds from the offices and use it as a soil conditioner.

Commercial Interior Landscape maintenance

Cadre interior services specializes in large commercial Class A Properties, portfolios, Office Campuses plant health and weekly maintenance. Providing on-contract plant replacement, color replacement, holiday color and always a fresh look!

High-end Residential Backyard shade solutions

Gazebos, Arbors and shade structures

Tree care Solutions

Tree surgery, tree health and restoration, young tree training for future sound structure

Water Conservation & Sustainability

Smart-water technologies Cadre uses promotes, and highly recommends Smart Controllers, soil-sensors, weather-sensors, drip-line irrigation versus conventional spray irrigation. Since it delivers water directly to the roots of the plants, minimizing over-spray and waste.

Landscape & Irrigation upgrades/Retrofits

Save water by converting your existing systems to low-volume drip irrigation, turf removal, upgrading to smart controllers and installation of weather-stations.

Design Build Services

Landscape design, restorations, upgrade solutions

Plant Health, pest control Services

Pest Control consultations, solutions to ornamental plant issues, IPM programs, alternative green pest control, we start from the basic; soil analysis, nutrient content/deficiencies, insect & disease ID and maintenance recommendations.